Josh Hatcher | The Value of Masculinity

In this episode, my guest is Josh Hatcher, author and founder of Manlihood.com about the value of masculinity in our current culture. We get into areas of masculinity including men repressing their emotions, taking personal responsibility, and toxic masculinity.

Josh Hatcher is a storyteller, poet, and master of practical advice for men. He is a personal development author, poet, and songwriter. As father of four, Josh draws inspiration from his family, from his faith, and from nature. He has a background in journalism, broadcasting, and marketing, and finds fulfillment in being creative and mentoring others.

Josh leads Manlihood.com – a site to equip, educate, and entertain men in an engaging way.

Questions Answered:

  • In today’s world, how do we define masculinity?

  • What is toxic masculinity and how does it contrast with healthy masculinity?

  • How do you help men who struggle with expression emotions?

  • Are there times when men should repress our emotions?

  • What is your personal story to doing the work you do now?

  • Why is personal responsibility the first pillar of masculinity?

  • What’s the value of a man having strong friendships in his life?

  • What’s the connection between fatherhood and masculinity? 

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