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A four day and three night of life-changing and intense training in the Colorado mountains. You don’t need another “men’s retreat”. You don’t need another “feel-good” few days of speeches and talks that get you pumped up and then soon forgotten when you get back to your normal life. You don’t need to join a room of men who are pretending they have it all figured out. You don’t need anymore pressure from the world.

You want specific strategies to improve as a husband. You need precise plans to improve as a father. You need thorough techniques to improve as a leader.

You want an exact system for executing what you learn so that you can become the husband your wife desires, the father your children deserve, and leader the world needs.

You want to be challenged to deepen your faith, to grow in your relationship with God, and to connect more with Jesus.

A five day and four night life-changing backpacking adventure experience in the Colorado mountains. If you’re looking for something that goes above (literally) and beyond the normal “men’s retreats”… if you’re looking for a real challenge… if you’re looking for a true adventure, then ASCEND might just be what you need.

The ASCEND backpacking trip is a serious adventure trip in the amazing mountains of Colorado. This trip takes place in southwest Colorado’s beautiful and rugged San Juan Mountains and the Weminuche Wilderness area.

Faith, Family, and Freedom. Three key areas of life for men, and the Significant Man RECHARGE podcast host and guests talk about all of them. We’re men who live in this world, but who are not of this world. And this is the place we come to get renewed, refocused, restored, and to Recharge from the chaos, noise, and busyness of life.

The Significant Man FELLOWSHIP is an invite-only mastermind community exclusively for Christian men. Men who are committed to working on themselves, to improve as husbands, to improve as fathers, to improve as leaders, and to deeper their faith.

The men in the Fellowship take our roles seriously, as we know how important it is that we work hard to improve, to lead, and to become more. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and we know that, through the gifts God has give us, we will impact generations.

Join other modern Christian men focused on becoming who God created them to be. You’re busy, we get it. So we’ve created a fast and free resource for you to stay on track and follow Him. Get the Significant Man INTEL email series today.

The founder of Significant Man Ministries, Warren Peterson, has written several books for men. 

You can order them from Amazon right now.

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Significant Man Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our events are designed to be break-even, and we count on generous donations for our operations. We know you have many choices when it comes to donating your hard-earned income, and if you feel called to support us, we are grateful.