Significant Man BASECAMP

An Exclusive Immersion Event for Christian Men - Are You Ready?

This is where it all begins. BASECAMP* is four days and three nights of life-changing and intense training in the Colorado mountains.

* – A private immersion event for Christian men who are seeking more out of life and to become who God created them to be.


Countdown Expired!

Gentlemen, you don’t need another “men’s retreat”. You don’t need another “feel-good” few days of speeches and talks that get you pumped up and then soon forgotten when you get back to your normal life. You don’t need to join a room of men who are pretending they have it all figured out. You don’t need anymore pressure from the world.

You want specific strategies to improve as a husband. You need precise plans to improve as a father. You need thorough techniques to improve as a leader.

You want an exact system for executing what you learn so that you can become the husband your wife desires, the father your children deserve, and leader the world needs.

You want to be challenged to deepen your faith, to grow in your relationship with God, and to connect more with Jesus.

You want to connect with other men who are walking the walk with you, other men who will lift you when you fall, and who can count on you when they stumble.

You want an event where you can get outside, away from the distractions of the world, and focus on you.

Because the truth is that you cannot lead your family, you cannot become the man you know you can become if your cup is empty, if you are burned-out, if you are broken, if you are bored, and if you are not thriving.

You know this, and you know you are seeking more. More of what you can become. More of what your wife knows you can become. More of what you know God created you to become.

If this is speaking to you, then read on… as the next Significant Man BASECAMP live event is coming to Colorado Springs April24-27, 2024!

This is not an event with thousands of men all sitting together in a giant conference room on row after row of folding chairs. This is a small and EXCLUSIVE immersion event, with limited availability for those men who are committed to their own growth and change as husbands, fathers, and leaders.

If this event makes sense for you, and if it’s a good match for you to attend, you will join other like-minded men for four days and three nights (yes, this is a full-time immersive event, you will be engaged in BASECAMP day and night) on a private 30 acre ranch in the glorious mountains of Colorado, surround by National Forest land.


BASECAMP is not an attend-and-forget event. It is an event that creates lifelong memories – the kind of memories that truly last (like this picture from a night hike during a previous event).

Do not be surprised to find yourself teaching your future grandchildren about what you learn during your time together with your new brothers during this event.

The Mission

BASECAMP is based on an honest and challenging voyage into your very heart as a man, with the goal of realizing that Jesus is the ultimate source of your fulfillment, all while learning how to become the husband your wife desires, father your children deserve, and leader the world needs.

During this intense and powerful event, you will dig into training sessions that include:

  • Purpose and Passion
  • Women and Marriage
  • Children and Fatherhood
  • Legacy and Leadership
  • Sex and Love
  • Faith and God
  • And much more…

And you’ll do this while building the foundation of lifelong friendships.


While the training and connections themselves are enough to make this event more than worthwhile, there is much more than what you will learn while at BASECAMP. After all, if it was just about the training, we could meet in a conference center – but this is about so much more…

Men need to get outside, where God intended them to be. During BASECAMP, based on weather conditions, you will be:

  • Outdoors in the mountains, at well over 9,000′ elevation.
  • Hiking to the top of a nearby mountain peak on Day One.
  • Rock climbing guided by a mountaineer.
  • Working a mountain rescue course as a team.
  • Hiking more, including a night hike under the stars.
  • A courageous 130′ rappel down a cliff!

Important Note: Due to the outdoor nature of this event and the activities, all attendees are required to sign waivers and need to be in adequate physical condition for hiking and other strenuous activities at altitude. The elevation at the ranch is over 9,000′ so if you have ever experienced altitude sickness, have heart or breathing issues, this is not the event for you.

Second Note: Based on weather conditions, outdoor activities may be limited or cancelled.


All lodging is included in your enrollment at BASECAMP. And this isn’t “conference hotel room” style lodging, this is the real Colorado experience.

You’ll be sharing your accommodations, with other men who are attending with you, in hand-crafted log cabins and buildings, including some built over 100 years ago. This is a true mountain experience.

The Food

All meals are included in BASECAMP, however this isn’t “conference” food, this is manly mountain food!

You may want to bring some snacks along for yourself to enjoy while on your hikes, but your meals will be plentiful and memorable. At our last event, no man finished the snacks he brought – the food is that good and abundant.

Note: if you have food allergies, please make that known prior to arrival and on your registration.

Through the learning sessions, the outdoor adventures, the group activities, the times of reflection, and the downtime in between, you will discover profound truths about yourself, about your heart, your mission, and your path moving forward in life.

You will have the opportunity to create new and lifelong friendships, the kind you may have always wanted but never found. The truth is that you are not walking through this life alone, having other men you can count on and who can count on you matters. Other men do understand, other men want to be there for you; during BASECAMP you will meet them.

As if this wasn’t enough already, here is the kicker:

This is an All-Inclusive Event which costs only $950!

If you are an attendee of BASECAMP, your enrollment will cover 100% of the costs during the event. The chef who prepares the food and all your meals are included. The staff who take care of the ranch and all your lodging is included. All your books and learning materials are included. The equipment for your activities (ropes, harnesses, helmets, etc…) are included. The costs for the certified mountaineers who run the rock climbing and rappelling are included. Even your transportation to/from the ranch to the COS airport is included – no need to rent a vehicle! (you are responsible for your own means of getting to and from the COS airport)

If you’ve read this far and think this event may be for you, here are some more of the logistics:

  • Wednesday, September 25 2024: Arrive at the Colorado Springs (COS) airport by 1:00PM, at the very latest. The ride to the ranch will leave at exactly 1:30PM, and will leave on time.
  • There is no individual driving to BASECAMP, you will join your brothers on the ride to the ranch. Men who are local can meet together at COS and share a ride (Note, if you want to drive some of your fellow men, you must have a 4WD vehicle that can handle off road mountain driving).
  • The event begins on the ride to the ranch, which will take just over an hour from the airport up to the ranch in the mountains. You will get to know the other men and experience a real mountain road drive. The last 40 minutes of the ride includes miles that are unpaved, gravel, bumpy, rocks, one-lane turns, and incredible mountain views. Just getting to the ranch is an adventure itself!
  • Wednesday through Saturday experience the full BASECAMP event.
  • Saturday, September 28 2024: Return to the Colorado Springs (COS) airport by 3:30PM so that you can return home that evening, attend church on Sunday, spend time with your family, and reflect on all that took place during BASECAMP.

If you know this is for you, the next step is to fill out this simple application form, or click the button below, and start the process. There is no “Buy button” and there is no open enrollment form, as this event is not open for most men; the only way forward is to fill out the simple application form, or click the BASECAMP APPLICATION button below.

You know it’s time. You know you’ve waited long enough. Your wife needs you to do this. Your kids need you to do this. You need to do this for yourself. Click the Basecamp Application button below and begin your journey right now.

IMPORTANT NOTE NUMBER ONE: There is no cell service at the BASECAMP ranch, so if you attend you will keep your phone in Airplane mode and will be fully offline and disconnected for the entire event. You can keep your phone charged to capture photos and videos, but don’t expect to be calling or texting. You are at the event to be 100% involved in the event for yourself and to be there for your brothers. If your career requires you to be 24/7 on call, or if for any other reason you cannot be disconnected for four days and three nights, this is not the event for you. (Yes, there is a landline in the main office of the ranch for emergencies.)

IMPORTANTE NOTE: NUMBER TWO: As we will be outside in the mountains during this event, you will be required to sign a liability release form. In addition to the outdoor adventures, we will be in the mountains where bear, elk, moose, mountain lions, and other wildlife have been spotted. The form must be signed before leaving the airport on Wednesday.

IMPORTANT NOTE NUMBER THREE: If you have ever had altitude sickness, asthma, heart issues, breathing issues, or are not in good physical condition, you need to consult with your doctor, and receive medial clearance before attending BASECAMP. You will be signing a liability waiver and will be on the ranch a long distance from emergency services.

IMPORTANT NOTE NUMBER FOUR: The ranch where BASECAMP is held does not allow drinking alcohol or smoking of any kind. If you’re currently working through an addiction, this isn’t the event for you. This is not a place to go cold turkey or attempt to detox.