Join forces with a brotherhood of men who are living the lives God created them to live.

About the Significant Man Fellowship

An exclusive Mastermind group for Christian men

The Significant Man Fellowship is more than just encouragement, it is an active and intentional mastermind just for Christian men.

The Fellowship is a group of men who are committed to working on themselves, to improve as husbands, to improve as fathers, to improve as leaders, to deepen their faith… 

… all while understanding that Jesus is the foundation that makes everything possible.

The men in the Fellowship take our roles seriously, we know how important it is that we work hard to improve, to lead, and to become more. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and we know that, through the gifts God has given us, we will impact generations.

The high level details

The Significant Man Fellowship is a mastermind that meets weekly, using Zoom. Meetings are Wed evenings at 7PM (Mountain time zone) for approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

Our founder, Warren Peterson, teaches/leads on a topic every week, and then the group digs deeper into what was taught.

The topics run the whole gamut of what matters to us as Christian men living in this world. Sometimes we work directly out of the Bible, sometimes we work out of Christian books, sometimes secular books – but always tied into our shared Christian faith.

We are men who are driven by our purpose, aligned in our values, and learning together as we become more successful and significant every day.


Your Mission, if you join the Fellowship, is to fight the good fight, to build a generational impact, to show the world your love of Jesus, and to glorify God!

It is too easy to get focused on our daily accomplishments and tasks, and take our eyes of our real mission in life. We are not here to just work a job and earn a paycheck, we are here to truly Live!


Right now, you are in the middle of a battle; you're in the middle of a fight; you're in the middle of a war. The enemy wants to take you out, so that you does not become who God created you to be.

In the Fellowship, you will find other men who have your back, who will fight along side you, and who are here to encourage and support you through the battle.


It requires significant courage for a man to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with other men who are committed to becoming more. It is not a simple task to be part of a brotherhood of men who are willing to go all-in for Jesus and live free.


The men who are part of the Fellowship know, without question, that going through life alone never works. These are men who have faced trials and challenges and know that the community of like-minded men is invaluable.

How To Join The Fellowship


This is where it begins. Today is one of those moments you may long remember. Today is when you can make a significant choice about the rest of your life and about following the path that God may have set before you.

As you may have noticed, there is no Register Button, as there is no open enrollment for this mastermind group. THE FELLOWSHIP is not for every man, so this simple application form is how to take the next step forward.

Fill in the short application below right now, and then click the I Want To Schedule My Call button and start down this new path.

    What is your full name?

    What is your best email address?

    What is your cell phone number?

    As a Christian man, what is your primary challenge in life right now?

    What would make the Significant Man Fellowship the perfect mastermind for you?

    What are you most looking forward to in the Fellowship?
    Weekly teaching from WarrenRelating to more of the BibleConnecting with like-minded menPrivate community

    Which area of your life needs the most attention?
    Improving my parentingImproving my marriageImproving my financesGrowing in my faith

    What is the most important question you need to have answered, if you have an interview to join the Fellowship?

    How have you invested your time, energy, and money in yourself as a husband and as a father in the past?

    Are you committed to showing up and to fully participate in the Fellowship?

    Will the monthly investment of $65 cause your family financial difficulty?

    If you were referred here, please enter the person's name here:

    After you send your application, it will be reviewed and if it seems like there is a good match then you’ll be scheduled for a short in-person Zoom interview with Warren (the founder of Significant Man Ministries, and the leader of The Fellowship) where he will ask you some more questions, discuss some of the logistics, and you can ask him anything about the group that you wish to know.

    We understand that this is an extra step; however keeping this a small group of men who are committed to the best community possible is our expectation.

    Why Men Join The Fellowship

    It is not a decision to take lightly, so here are some reasons why men make the choice to invest in themselves and join The Fellowship:

    The Fellowship Mini-FAQ

    The Fellowship meets every Wednesday evening, at 7PM (Mountain Time) for approximately 60-90 minutes.

    After analyzing other groups, we found many that were into the hundreds of dollars every month. And after careful consideration, we determined that the Fellowship would be $65 (USD) per month.

    We understand that some men will not be able to afford this option, and know that our free online posts and our free podcast provides great alternative resources. 

    While it seems that having a private Facebook Group is the most popular thing to do, we have made the conscious choice to NOT create a private FB group for the Fellowship.

    There is a community to join, to share updates with the group, to message members individually, and so on, but there is no FB group.

    We think it is time to start separating from the social media companies and we want our members to have control over their experience. 

    Warren Peterson is an author, mentor, and the leader of Significant Man BASECAMP live events.

    He is the teacher for the weekly content that is discussed within the Significant Man Fellowship. Some weeks, it is content he has written and created, other weeks he will be teaching from content developed by others.

    He is the host of the Significant Man RECHARGE podcast, which is focused on issues at the heart of the crossroads between Christianity and culture.

    He is the founder of Significant Man Ministries, and the CEO of Significant Life, LLC.

    At this time, the only payment accepted for The Fellowship is PayPal.

    You can use a PayPal account, a debit card, or a credit card as your form of payment. All payments are managed by PayPal, we do not see, collect, store, or have any access to your payment information.

    There is no contractual agreement to the Fellowship. While we intend this serves our members for years, we understand that times and situations change and members may need to cancel.

    Just let us know, and we’ll let you know how to cancel your membership (you cancel directly in PayPal). Your brothers in the Fellowship and we will be sad to see you go, but you can cancel at any time.

    The Fellowship is an ongoing monthly mastermind organization. As such, there are no refund for prior months that have already been paid for.

    If you wish to cancel, just let us know.