This is where it really begins. If you’re truly serious about who you are about to become, and if you have the courage to take a stand for yourself, this is your new starting point.

Today is one of those moments you may long remember. Today is when you can make a significant choice about the rest of your life and about following the path that God may have set before you.

If you are a man who is fully committed to becoming the husband your wife desires, the father your children need, the leader the world needs, and who knows in your soul that it is time to become the man that God created you to be, we invite you to apply for the Significant Man BASECAMP event.

As you may have noticed, there is no Buy Button, and there is no open enrollment for this event. BASECAMP is not for every man, so this simple application form is how to take the next step forward.

Like all other turning points in your life, it comes down to a choice. Will you choose to continue on the path you have been on, continuing to experience the same results, or will you choose something different, maybe even different than anything you’ve done in your life before?

Fill in the short application below right now, and then click the I Want To Attend BASECAMP button and start down this new path.

    Are you a man?

    Are you a husband?
    YesNo, and I don't want to beNo, but I do want to be

    Are you a father?
    YesNo, and I don't want to beNo, but I do want to be

    Are you a Christian?
    YesNo, and I don't want to beNo, but I do want to be

    Are you ready to invest in yourself to become the man that you know you can become?

    Are the dates of September 25-28 2024 open in your schedule?

    Have you ever experienced altitude sickness, have asthma now or in the past, or have any other medical issues that may interfere with your ability to attend BASECAMP?

    What is one of your primary challenges in life, right now?

    What are you looking for from the Significant Man BASECAMP experience?

    If you were referred here, please enter the person's name here:

    After you send your information, it will be reviewed and if it seems like there is a good match then you’ll be scheduled for a short in-person interview with Warren (the founder of Significant Man Ministries and trainer at BASECAMP) where he will ask you some more questions, discuss some of the logistics, and you can ask him anything about the event that you wish to know.

    We understand that this is an extra step; however due to the critical nature of what Warren teaches and the depth of the conversations and discussions that take place during this event, he is very protective of the men who attend BASECAMP.