Alex VanHouten | Fitness, Faith, and Fatherhood

The three worlds of faith, fitness, and fatherhood are all interconnected. In this episode, my guest is Alex VanHouten, founder of Defining Dad Bod and The Betterment Company. We touch on some very personal topics and some really important aspects of the connection between these three worlds that men need to understand.

Coach Alex is the owner and founder of two health and fitness companies — The Betterment Company and Defining Dad Bod.

Through “Defining Dad Bod” Alex helps moms and dads with cutting edge nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change. He also hosts the “Defining Dad Bod” podcast – which cuts through the confusion of the health and fitness industry weekly!

Through “The Betterment Company” Alex has launched an app called ‘Better Daily” – a private app, community, and resource for people who are committed to becoming 1% better daily.

Questions Answered:

  • What is the connection between faith and fitness?

  • How did you find God in the mountains?

  • Why do I gain weight when I start working out?

  • How should I use the scale in my fitness routine?

  • What are your recommendations for me to improve their testosterone levels?

  • How does my fitness impact me as a husband and father?

  • What was your journey like growing up without a father?

  • What’s a critical point about faith, fatherhood, and fitness?

Important Links:

Get the Better Daily App from Apple here.

Get the Better Daily App from Google here.

Learn about the Defining Dad Bod Podcast here.

Learn about Alex’s coaching here.

Download the Testosterone infographic here:

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