Jeff Forrester | Putting God First

In our busy lives, it can be too easy to forget that we are called to put God first. When we forget this, we can quickly get off track, and we can fall into common traps – like becoming workaholics. But, when we remember to put God first, and once we know who we truly are, we can experience enormous growth in our lives, in our marriages, and in our parenting.

Jeff Forrester is the author of Unleashed Potential: Simple Steps to be the Best Version of Yourself, and he currently lives in Florida with his wife Tammy of 15 years, along with their son and daughter. He is a devoted Christian who is focused on helping his family, friends, and others get the most out of their lives. He has been on a path for the last 3 years to building a real relationship with Christ through reading his Bible and surrounding himself with other Christian men.

Questions Answered:

  • How does it help a man for him to have a personal mission statement?

  • In what ways does a mission statement practically change a man’s life?

  • What is the meaning of Galatians 2:20 for you?

  • How does putting God first change your life?

  • What is your story of having to step in and lead your family at a young age after your father passed away?

  • How did you make the turnaround from being a workaholic?

  • Why is it important for a man to understand who he is?

  • How does a man knowing his strengths and weaknesses help him as a husband and a father?

  • What is the importance of having your wife as your confidant?

  • What does it mean to raise kids differently from what the world would suggest?

  • Why does it matter that you have a standard of living for yourself?

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