Dan Zehner | The Power of Adventure in a Man’s Life

Men are called to adventure, especially in today’s world of screens and non-stop technology. But what exactly is adventure? How do we find adventure in normal everyday life? How do we involve God in our adventures? Dan Zehner is the founder of the Anthem of the Adventurer and answers these questions and much more in this conversation. From his powerful trip to the beaches of Normandy to adventure in his home state, Dan shares his stories and the importance of adventure in the lives of men.

When Dan isn’t diving in the dark with Navy SEALs, rucking through the cold with a team carrying logs, or building something in his shop, he’s serving his wife and three kids in the ways that only he can in Lafayette, Indiana. Every day he’s showing others how to have an epic, adventurous life and love the journey with some powerful tools!

Dan started the Anthem of the Adventurer out of a deep-seated need for adventure in his life, and to share that journey with other men. Before joining SEAL Team Leaders, where he serves as the head coach in the leadership and teams class, Dan has worked with research centers at Purdue University for both the National Science Foundation and NASA, helping make our society more resilient to all the natural hazards nature throws at us on Earth as well as on the moon and Mars.

Questions Answered:

  • What did it mean to partner with God on the Anthem of the Adventurer?

  • How does it impact you to know there is an enemy out there who is actively trying to take you out?

  • What does adventure actually mean? And, what are the different types of adventure?

  • How should we distinguish between adventure and recklessness?

  • How does a man who is risk-adverse embrace adventure in his life?

  • Why do I need God’s involvement in my adventures?

  • How does God help me when I’m on an adventure?

  • In what ways does a man seeking adventure impact his marriage? And his parenting?

  • What did Wild at Heart mean to you in your growth as a man?

  • Why does D-Day hold such a special place in your heart?

  • What’s one of your favorite stories of your own adventures?

  • Why is it important to involve other men in our adventures?

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