How To Develop A Positive Attitude | Thanksgiving 2022

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there are some pretty standard themes that get talked about. And they’re all good themes, like Be thankful, or how to practice gratitude, or appreciate being blessed, and so on. Nothing wrong with those ideas, but I want to talk with you today from a different perspective.

I want to talk with you about your attitude. There are very few things that have a bigger impact on the quality of your life and on your daily interaction with others than your own attitude. There’s not much that will change the way you view yourself, others, and the world than your attitude.

And this applies to both your positive attitude and your negative attitude. With the news we get hit with every day it’s seeming easier and easier to end up critical of others and looking for the negative aspects or our daily encounters. So we need to be careful here.

All right, so let’s dig in. 

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