Five Minute Friday | What Dominates Your Thoughts?

What are the things that dominate your thoughts? Do you get anxious? Distracted? Worry? In today’s episode I tackle these questions, so let’s get started.

Too often I find myself distracted from things, not fully paying attention. It’s so easy to have a second screen open, to glance at another device, to be half-listening to someone who is talking. Even when I’m in church, and taking notes during the sermon, too often I have to keep re-focusing my attention on the pastor. I get distracted easily, and it’s one reason I’m so serious about going offline every weekend.

Part of what leads me to distraction is thinking about what I have to get done next, or what project is currently not finished, or what I’ve not even started yet. And when those thoughts start to add up, I move from just being distracted to starting to feel anxious. Anxious about the bank account. Anxious about doing my job. Anxious about leading this ministry and the future of where we are headed. Anxious about all the things I “have to do”.

Maybe you feel this as well. When we are in that feeling of being anxious, it is nearly the opposite of the feeling we experience when we are content, when we’re at peace, and when we’re filled with gratitude.

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