Ben Killoy | Looking for Home in the Right Place

Coming home to a place where you feel safe and secure is something every father longs for. But all too often men are looking for home in the wrong places. When we flip that around and understand what home truly is, and where we need to be looking for home, we can find it in the right places instead.

Our guest today went from being bullied as a child, being a chameleon to fit in, and losing himself to becoming a man who has impacted families in a powerful way through his work and he’s here to share great insights with us.

Ben Killoy Is a Marine Veteran, speaker, and coach with a focus on helping dads rebuild confidence in who they are. He launched his first podcast Military Veteran Dad in 2019 and his second podcast The Business of Fatherhood in 2021. Ben now helps other dads rebuild their inner confidence and get them excited to walk through the door of their homes.

Questions Answered:

  • How do you define home?

  • How do you help someone work through discovering out who they truly are?

  • What does it mean to build our home on a solid foundation?

  • If I don’t feel I am worthy of love, how do I work through that?

  • Is it possible to unconditionally love other people if I don’t unconditionally love myself first?

  • Where do men mistakenly look for home?

  • What’s the difference between prior generations of men and our generation?

  • What happens to a man when he has had adversity removed?

  • As fathers, are we raising kids or are we raising future adults?

  • What is a way that fathers can create adventure for their own children?

  • How did the idea of home come from the work you do with Military Veteran Dad?

  • Where does the feeling of home truly come from?

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