Tim Douglas | Facing the Storms of Life

While our first instinct may be to run in the opposite direction of an oncoming storm, we can learn from the buffalo about going head first into the storm instead. When we face the storms, we begin to understand more about ourselves, we change in our ability to lead our families, and we become more capable as husbands and as fathers. Our guest today has great insight into just why and how we can face the storms of life.

Tim Douglas is a man after God’s heart. He’s a personal and professional development coach that specializes in high performance and soul training. He helps men to show up more fully in life. He’s also the host of The Inspired Way podcast that will inspire and empower you to face the storms of life with passion, strength and courage. Tim would like to offer the gift of coaching to all the listeners. To receive this gift, follow Tim on Instagram or Facebook and send him a message that you heard him on this show.

Questions Answered:

  • Why the buffalo?

  • How do people turn would be victories into defeats?

  • Are men called to go into the storm instead of trying to avoid it?

  • What is the first step in helping men go into the storm?

  • How can we be more intentional with our thoughts?

  • How does a man who faces the storms impact his family?

  • How do our emotions play a part in our lives?

  • Is it possible to ever control the storm?

  • What is the power in facing the storms with others?

  • How is a man transformed by the storms he faces?

  • What are men doing to build their ability to face the storms of life?

  • What do the standards a man has in facing challenges show about him?

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