Ryan Roy | Becoming an Involved Father

Welcome gentlemen, on today’s show I’m speaking with Ryan Roy, leader of FBI Dads about how men can become more involved in their children’s lives and schools. Men are often told there isn’t interest in their participation at school, but that’s not the reality Ryan has found. He shares his experiences, and great stories about FBI Dads and provides some great ideas for how us guys can become the heroes to our wives and children.

Ryan is the leader of FBI Dads, and FBI means Fathers Being Involved. It’s a comprehensive program that helps fathers to have a deeper connection with their children. He is the owner of Justify or Just Do It Coaching, focused on accountability and taking action, and is the author of the best selling book Be The Dad You Wish You Had, which you can find on Amazon.

Questions Answered:

  • What was your journey of growing up abandoned by your father to where you are today?

  • How have you healed from the past trauma of what happened with your father?

  • Why and how should someone forgive a person who has hurt them in the past?

  • What was the origin of FBI Dads and how has it become what it is today?

  • How did you change the style of communication so men got exactly what they needed?

  • What happens during an FBI Dads event?

  • What is the benefit of a father reading in a classroom?

  • Can you share a memorable story from one of your events?

  • How does a man who is going through difficult times still be an effective leader?

  • How can a man become a hero to his wife and kids in just 4 minutes a day?

  • What’s it like knowing you’re building the next generation of great leaders?

  • How can someone start an FBI Dads program at their local school?

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