Five Minute Friday | Can You Be Good Enough To Get Into Heaven?

Around the world and in religions from all over, many people are taught that if they just do enough good here on earth, they will experience paradise in the after life. They think that being good is enough to get into heaven, so to speak. But, this view is not what the Bible teaches, and it raises a whole lot of questions.

To start with, how is a good person defined? Who gets to create that definition? Do you? Do I? What if we have different definitions of doing good? Is a good person someone who hasn’t committed any serious crimes throughout their life? Or maybe a good person is someone who has dedicated their lives to ministry or to working at a homeless shelter once a week? Or maybe it’s working there every day?

And then, just how many good deeds is enough? Do I have do something good once a week, once a day, how much exactly will count up as good enough. If 51 percent of my actions are what I think are good, is that going to be enough? Can the other 49 percent be not so good?

 In today’s episode I’ll share some of my thoughts on this giant topic, give you some ideas to consider, and share my final answer to this question.


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