Five Minute Friday | A Courageous MAn

Have courage men, have courage.

Lines like that tend to create deep emotional responses in men. We love courage. We love the ideas that come into our minds when we think of courage. But, why is that? How could a few simple words end up meaning so much?

Let’s start first with trying to understand what courage is to begin with. When you think about courage, what do you think of? What images or visions come to mind?

Normally, men think of a soldier in battle, doing something heroic and dangerous. Men think of an act of bravery that could result in the loss of life or limb. Men think of David defeating Goliath. Men think of a man, out in the woods, fighting a wolf alone with his bare hands. Men think of great men doing great things. Doing. Taking action.

But if I’m not hanging off a helicopter or running into a burning building, how can I be a courageous man? 

Listen to today’s show for what might be a different take on this important question.

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