Dan Skinner | God, Guns, and the Second Amendment

One of the more complex issues in our culture is that of guns, violence, the second amendment, and how all of that is relevant to a Christian living in America. Stories of guns being used to shoot people cross our news feeds far too often. Should a Christian own a gun? Should a pastor own a gun? And what about Jesus being non-violent, how does that relate to owning a weapon? Our guest today tackles these difficult questions and more.

Dan Skinner is a pastor, entrepreneur, and a strongman competitor. He has been ministering since 2006, and officially became a pastor in 2010 after graduating from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Dan’s passion for guns became a career in 2012 when he became the sales manager for a defense company. And he now owns his own gun store, Eagle Creek Tactical, in Newton Falls, OH. Dan has lots of love and support from his wife, children, and their Labrador retrievers.

Questions Answered:

  • What is the definition of the Second Amendment?

  • What limits did the founders place on weapons, for example could a citizen own a cannon?

  • Could a citizen own a battleship?

  • How did you decide to open a gun store?

  • What is the best way to introduce firearms to children and families?

  • Explain your thoughts of people moving their identity from Christians to Nationalism?

  • How do you use a gun shop as part of your ministry?

  • What do you think of the phrase “gun culture in America”?

  • Should a Christian own a gun if Jesus talked about being non-violent?

  • What is your interpretation of turning the other cheek?

  • What challenges have you heard as a Christian who owns a gun shop?

  • How is gun ownership tied into the suicide rate?

  • Can you share your thoughts on mental health related to gun violence?

  • Is a Christian man allowed to fire a weapon at an attacker?

  • What are your thoughts on how sin is impacting pop culture?

  • Should a pastor carry a weapon in church?

  • How can people use their hobbies for the glory of God?

Important Links:

Find Dan and his shop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eaglecreektactical

Or find him at his website: https://eaglecreektactical.com/

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