Five Minute Friday | Why Does Marriage Matter?

Why does marriage matter these days? And what makes a marriage strong?

 When guys tell me why they are not getting married, they will often say, “it’s just a piece of paper.” Or they will tell me that it is just a formality. Or they will come up with something similar. But, marriage is so much more than that; it’s a sanctified relationship.

To start with, we need to recognize that it is God who came up with the idea of marriage, and all that God has created is good. This means marriage is His idea and therefore it’s a good idea. That’s one of the starting points as we go through this idea. Marriage is not just a piece of paper, it’s not a formality, it’s an amazing gift God has given us.

And what do we need to make this gift of marriage work? Is it enough to have two people who stand before God and in front of their friends and family and proclaim their love for each other? Is love really all you need? While our culture might say yes, history and experience will say no. Love is a great foundation, it’s a great cornerstone, but it isn’t enough, love is not all you need.

If love isn’t all you need, then the obvious question is what do you need? What is needed to make a marriage strong? Thankfully, we have the answer to this question. It’s found in scripture. There are times we would rather just go through the latest and greatest how-to marriage book, but the truth is that in the scripture, in the gospel, in what Jesus taught we find what’s needed to make marriage strong.

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