Dan Peterson | Becoming a Godly Father

How do we love our children in the way that God loves us? How do we become Godly fathers? These are big questions at the core of being a father and of doing what we can to become better as fathers. My guest today is Dan Peterson and we tackle these questions and many more in this important conversation. 

Dan Peterson is the founder of The Compass For Life, he is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and has his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. He specializes in helping adults who work with or have challenging children develop strategies for their child to succeed in both the school environment and family setting. Dan wants to provide parenting tips for children with behavioral problems and encourage positive parenting. And he is extensively involved in training teachers within school settings, coaching parents, and conducts community workshops for adults.

Questions Answered:

  • What does Godly Fatherhood mean to you?

  • What about a man trying to become a Godly Father with an abusive father?

  • What are some tools aligned with scripture that Fathers can utilize?

  • How do fathers build up the value of their children?

  • What is a different way to think about discipline?

  • As a father what is the importance of understanding the world our kids are growing up in?

  • How do rules make life easier for fathers and for children?

  • Why is it important that kids see their fathers apologize when they make mistakes?

  • What’s the plan to teach your kids how to take ownership?

  • What are your thoughts on the idea of kids learning lessons both caught and taught?

  • How do you help men figure out what their values are to teach them to their children?

  • How do fathers adapt their own parenting style for each of their different kids?

  • What are some common lies of the enemy that fathers need to be watchful for?

  • What’s the importance of husband and wife being on the same page when it comes to a man seeking to become a Godly father?

  • What if the way God created your children was for greatness, and our job as fathers is to help them get there?

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