Answering Eight Random Questions

Today’s episode of the podcast is going to be a little bit different. Normally on this show, I have something planned, something written out, something specific that I’m going to share with the folks who are listening, but this is going to be different. As someone who talks about all sorts of issues, all sorts of topics for Christian men, I get asked a lot of random-seeming questions. So what I’m going to do on the show today is I’m going to respond to, I’m going to answer a handful of those different questions. This will be a wide range of topics, with me sharing my thoughts on different issues, on things that get asked to me, as they all relate to Christian men. This will be a little bit more free-flowing, and should be a whole lot of fun, so let’s get started.

Questions Answered:

  • Advice to husbands and wives about men fixing things in the relationship?
  • What are the different types of Bible Translations?
  • What is a main challenge that men face today?
  • What is something from Christianity that I struggle with?
  • What is something from Christianity that I don’t struggle with?
  • What are my favorite Old and New Testament books?
  • Who am I going to vote for?
  • How do I deal with haters online?

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