All About The Fellowship

I’m joined today by Mike Grimes as he shares his thoughts and experience of being part of the Significant Man Fellowship.

We talk about how he has benefited from the group, changes his wife and kids have seen in him, the cost of being in such a group, and lots more. It’s one thing to hear about a group from the person running the group – it’s another thing entirely to hear from one of the members.

The Significant Man Fellowship is an exclusive group for Christian men. Our goal is to support and encourage one another, without any judgment, to have the best in mind of the other members, to learn together, and to work on becoming the men that God created us to be.

If you’re interested in joining us, head over to the site and apply right now:


Questions Answered:

  • What is the Significant Man Fellowship?
  • How have you benefitted from being in the group?
  • Has your wife, and your kids, seen changes in you?
  • Since there is a cost, how do you decide it if is worth it to be part of the group?
  • Why should other guys join the Fellowship?

The Fellowship Brotherhood

An exclusive community of like-minded Christian men, who meet each week to learn, laugh, hold each other accountable, and walk through life together.

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Four days and three nights of life-changing and intense training for Christian men in the glorious mountains of Colorado.

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