It happens to almost all men, I know it has happened to me.

You get knocked down, usually farther down that you ever thought possible. That’s what happened to me. Knocked down, farther and farther, down and down…

I found myself at rock bottom. Lost everything. House, gone. Every penny, gone. Career, gone. Health going downhill fast, relationships heading downhill faster… so I know that place.

If you’re there, you have a choice to make. If you’re laying there in the wet, cold, slimy mud and dirt, you have a choice to make.

Do you choose to look down at the mud, or…

Do you choose to roll over and look at the sky?

You might still be laying there in the mud, but you can look up towards the sky, see the blue, see the birds, the clouds, the sun. All you have to do is choose to roll over and look in a different direction.

You’re not yet out of the mud, but you can choose to point in the positive direction instead of looking face first into the mud.

And then, you close your eyes, you gather your energy, you take a deep breath, and then you rise!

You rise and take your first step. One step out of the mud. You take a second, and a third step… one at a time and soon you have left the mud behind you and you are on your way.

It’s time to rise!