Men Protect and Provide

For most people who are trying to improve their lives, their efforts are focused on one (or all, as I prefer) of the key areas of our lives, Health, Wealth, and Relationships. However, for men, there are two big drivers that are “above” those three key areas of life.

Those big two are to Protect and Provide; you have to protect, and you have to provide.

As a man, it is in your nature, your drive, your very being as a man, to protect and to provide. When you are not doing this, you will feel “off”, something won’t be right in your life, even if you can’t clearly articulate what that something is.

Of course there are seasons when one, or both of those, are a serious challenge for you. During those times, you have to keep pushing forward. You cannot give in and think that it is ok to not protect or that it is ok to not provide. You can’t fall asleep here.

Understand that these two are at the core of your behavior, that these two are powerful drivers of who you are, as a man, and how you are functioning in your family, your career, and your community.

The protector is part of the “Warrior” that you see me referring to in my work here at Significant Man.

You are to protect your family, your wife, your daughters, your sons, your reputation, your marriage, your career, your income, your home, and on and on… you protect.

The provider is part of the “Leader” that you also see me referring to here at Significant Man.

You are to provide for your family, you provide financially, you provide spiritually, you provide for yourself, and on and on… you provide.

So gentlemen, never forget that you are to Protect and Provide.