I Screwed Up

I Screwed Up

I have a whole pile of failure to draw from when I’m mentoring men; I’ve screwed up over and over, made mistake after mistake. And today I am grateful for all those mistakes, and all those messes – but at the time, oh man at the time I was a total disaster.

I had lost my house, my life savings, my career, my health was horrible, relationships crumbling under my feet. It was not a good place.

I was staring into the darkness of depression and worse, despair. I was on the edge of making the worst decision I could, one that would change everything, and the darkness was closing in.

So guys when I talk, and teach, about coming out of that place, it is from personal experience and from personal understanding. Not theory, not something I read from someone else. I’ve been in that Dark Pit, I know the feeling of life spiraling down.

I had screwed up. It wasn’t until I accepted my own reality and accepted responsibility for my own situation that things started to change. It wasn’t until I was willing to look in the mirror and blame no one else or nothing else that things started to change.

We all have this power; we all have this ability. But, too often when we screw up we refuse to use that power.

Instead, we look towards others. We find others to blame. We blame other people, we blame the economy, we blame the government, we blame the media, we blame, we blame, we blame…

All that blaming while missing the most important piece, the man staring back at us in the mirror.

Guys, it’s about you. If you’ve screwed up, own it. If you’ve made mistakes, own them. If you’ve failed, learn from it, rise up, and own it.

You have the power. Choose to use it.