This is where it really begins. If you’re truly serious about attending this adventure event, this is your new starting point.

Today is one of those moments you may long remember. Today is when you can make a significant choice about the rest of your life and about following the path that God may have set before you.

As you may have noticed, there is no Buy Button, and there is no open registration for this event. ASCEND is not for every man, so this simple application form is how to take the next step forward.

Fill in the short application below right now, and then click the I Want To Attend ASCEND button and start down this new path.

    Are you a man?

    Are you a husband?
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    Are you a father?
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    Are you a Christian?
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    Are you able to financially invest in attending ASCEND?

    Are the dates of August 02-06 2022 open in your schedule?

    Are you physically capable to perform the serious physical challenges that are part of ASCEND?

    Have you ever experienced altitude sickness, have asthma now or in the past, or have any other medical issues that may interfere with your ability to attend ASCEND?

    What are you most looking forward to in an event like ASCEND?

    What would make the Significant Man ASCEND event perfect for you?

    If you were referred here, please enter the person's name here:

    After you send your information, it will be reviewed and if it seems like there is a good match then you’ll be scheduled for a short in-person interview with Keith (one of our board members, and the man leading the trip) where he will ask you some more questions, discuss some of the logistics, and you can ask him anything about the event that you wish to know.

    We understand that this is an extra step; however keeping this a small group of men who are committed to the best adventure event possible is an ideal we aim for with every event.