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Growth in Weeks instead of Years

The Truth

Nearly 60% of marriages end in divorce each year. Men commit 80% of all suicides each year. Most men have lost their faith. Most men don’t connect with God and don’t have a church. Most men have given up on their dreams. Working longer and longer hours, with less and less time on what matters most.

Something is so clearly wrong, and you know it. Don’t you think it is time to reconsider how you live? Don’t you think it is time to find another way? Haven’t you had enough of stress and frustration? Aren’t you ready for significance and freedom? Isn’t it about time to end the pain? The pain that men are dealing with is very real…

The Pain

The pain that men are facing today is real, very real. These men might have all the material success that the world says they are supposed to have, but inside there is a whole different story. Inside, the story goes like this:

  • “I’m all alone.”
  • “There is an emptiness in my soul.”
  • “God can never forgive me.”
  • “I’m a fraud, not even a real man.”
  • “I have no where to turn.”
  • “My wife doesn’t respect me.”
  • “I don’t know my own children.”
  • “I am lost.”

The reality is that men have been sold a lie, they have been told that if they chase success in the world then everything will be ok. Instead, they end up with the cars, the house, the toys, and are still left asking, “Is this it?” The cost of not dealing with these pains is enormous.

The Cost

Every day you make decisions and have choices that each have a cost, every. single. day. So in your life today, right now:

  • What is the cost of feeling empty inside?
  • What is the cost of knowing you are not living the life you were meant to live?
  • What is the cost to your marriage?
  • What is the cost in the relationship with your kids?
  • What is the cost of you continuing to play small?
  • What is the cost to your business?
  • How long are you willing to stay where you are?

There is a cost to every person in your life, to every relationship you have, from your friends to your children to your wife. There is a cost to your business. There is a cost in your connection to God. Every man has his own unique answers, and every man has to eventually come face-to-face with these costs. There is no way around it, but the good news is that the sooner you face them, the sooner you reclaim your power.

The Choice

You have the power to change your life, and to build the future you want. You were created with this power, but for too long men have been holding back, afraid to unleash what they had inside. But, you’ll have to do something different than you have done before if you want to get there.

If you want to live a life of significance, if you want to be the husband your wife desires, if you want to be the father your children deserve, and if you want to be the leader the world needs, then you have to do something different.

You were created for more. You have gifts you have been holding inside for too long. You have a purpose and a passion that you have locked away, and now is the time to take a stand, for you, and prove to the world who you really are.

Going alone won’t work anymore. No more hiding in your darkness, no more pretending that everything is ok. It is time to drop the mask, to rise up and become the man you know you were meant to be.

And, like all other major decisions in your life, it all comes down to a choice. Will you choose to continue on the path you have been on, continuing to get the same results you have already gotten… Or, will you choose something different, maybe different than anything you have ever done before?

The Next Step

This is where it begins.

If you are serious, and if you have the courage to take a stand for yourself, this is the start.

Today, right now, this is one of those moments you may long remember. Today is when you can make a significant choice about the rest of your life.

Significant Man Live is an exclusive, confidential, and private event for elite men only. Men who are willing to create change, willing to do the work, and who live significant lives.

These are men who know there is more to life than what they are living now. These are men who know that they will get out of life exactly what they put in. These are men who want to invest in themselves. These are men who will not settle for good enough.

Are you ready to live the life you were created to live? Are you ready to become the husband your wife desires, the father your children deserve, and the leader the world needs? Then you’re in the right place.

Because you were not meant to sleepwalk through life, to be bored in your soul, to be disconnected from people, to feel like you are a fraud to the world, and to die with regrets.

You were created to life a life of passion, connection, excitement, and to leave behind a powerful legacy.

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It’s time.

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